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Rsps pnpc codes

RSPS, how to spawn a npc and add / change.
All of the codes for a RS-PS Enjoy Comment Rate Subcribe!! Red= Commands Admins Can't do. ::Npc (NpcId) ::Jail ::Hail ::Gfx ::Combat ::Message ::Pickup (Id
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RuneScape Server Development - Post Everything Having to do With RuneScape Servers Here

  • What are some rsps mod commands - The Q&A.

  • Rsps pnpc codes

    RSPS Default Command List - RuneScape.

    Normal users: ::Home ::Whatsnew ::rules ::commands ::changepassword Moderators: ::Ban (Username) ::Unban (Username) ::Jail (Username) ::xteleto (Username Admins

    Rsps pnpc codes

    omg do you know anything , i cant beleive i am putting java code on youtube but add this to your commands(realize i have bulby so you may need to convert) : RuneScape Server Development - Sythe.Org.
    ICD Codes HTML-Codes Club Penguin Codes Admin Commands For RsPs - YouTube
    What are some rsps mod commands - The Q&A.

    RuneScape Server Development - Sythe.Org.

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